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Retail management and
POS solution

ACCEO Smart Vendor is a software and hardware management system providing the best easy to use, reliable, feature-rich, vertical specific and cost effective POS and retail management solutions.

Lot Number Tracking

Retailers that sell perishables can identify on the product profile which items should capture a Lot # or Batch # at the point of sale. Easily manage recalls and track your customers and the lot numbers they purchased for key product areas in your operations.

Frequent Buyer Program

Keep your customers coming back! Reward loyalty and encourage recurring visits to your store. One of the reasons this program is so popular among retailers is that all of the information is tracked within the Customer File. The customer does not need to carry a stamp card, nor does the retailer have to keep file boxes at the Register so that the cards can be stored for the client at the store.

Advanced Reporting with KPI

The right information to make key business decisions.

Zero Waste Grocery

Zero Waste Grocery
A movement that makes a difference

As climate change and global warming become more and more substantial and impactful to our everyday lives, it is becoming increasingly important to have reasons to set yourself apart from every other grocery store/chain and make a difference.

Smart Vendor EDI Technology for Health Food Stores

Automate Your Order Fulfilment. Hassle-free and quick process for you!

“I’d definitely recommend using EDI to other retailers. It has been an exciting implementation for us. I’d say it saves us at times an hour, now that we no longer have to enter each item onto the app etc. With a few simple clicks we are on our way.”

– Shonna Sari (Country Way)

“It makes things easier, it’s cutting down on manual labour that my staff has to do and over all it’s making it more time efficient procedure. I am certainly happy as a business partner of Purity Life. 

– Sebastian Wong (Ki Nature et Sante)

“The Smart Vendor system is amazing! It’s very easy to use, great for inventory control & tracking, and the information is always at our fingertips. We love Smart Vendor and have recommended it several times”.

– Christies Gardens and Greenhouses Ltd. (High Prairie, AB)

”Working with ACCEO Smart Vendor has made things so much more efficient! “

– Kevin, Higher Ground

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