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Smart Vendor EDI Technology
for the Health Vertical

Automate Your Order Fulfilment.
Hassle-free and quick process for you!


The more time you spend manually doing backend tasks, the less time you have for growing your business.

Imagine, digitally sending purchase orders and receiving stock items with just a few keystrokes and in minutes.

hustle free process

ACCEO Smart Vendor Empowering Retailers through Automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

EDI is a mode through which businesses can electronically communicate information, such as purchase orders and invoices, that was traditionally communicated through paper, fax, regular email, or online ordering portal.

Key Benefits of EDI

The Big 3 of EDI Technology







“I’d definitely recommend using EDI to other retailers. It has been an exciting implementation for us. I’d say it saves us at times an hour, now that we no longer have to enter each item onto the app etc. With a few simple clicks we are on our way.”

– Shonna Sari (Country Way)

“It makes things easier, it’s cutting down on manual labour that my staff has to do and over all it’s making it more time efficient procedure. I am certainly happy as a business partner of Purity Life. 

– Sebastian Wong (Ki Nature et Sante)

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