Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program

Keep your customers coming back with a points program!

Customers returning to your store regularly is crucial to your business. But how do you instil true loyalty? The big retailers know the answer: with an incentive plan. Every time a customer makes a purchase, you reward them with bonus points that they can redeem for store merchandise at any time.

A points program integrated to your ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system can set your retail business apart from your competitors. It will pay for itself over and over again in repeat purchases.

How it works

  • Control quantity of points issued and redeemed
  • Offer Bonus Points on select items for a limited time
  • Change points structure at any time and to choose many different points groupings
  • Show accumulated points on the receipt
  • Vary points by days of the week to increase traffic on slow days
  • Generate comprehensive reports on the numbers of points issued and redeemed

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