By admin on March 30, 2017


At ACCEO Smart Vendor, we are committed to providing our Retailers with a valuable, powerful tool that keeps pace with technology and evolving retail needs, and helps you make smart decisions about your business. We understand it is important to have a team you can count on when the chips are down and you need assistance. Our Customer Care Support Plan provides you these key benefits:
  1. Receive after-hours troubleshooting assistance on existing hardware installations, or for software error messages following a system interruption
  2. Receive software updates annually to maintain compatibility with new hardware and operating systems
  3. Optimize performance by installing the latest improvements for speed and database management
  4. Maintain compatibility with ACCEO Smart Vendor related Web or FTP Services
  5. Get Installation assistance with software update during support office hours
  6. Access new features in ACCEO Smart Vendor
  7. Ability to add new modules for increased functionality
  8. Receive troubleshooting assistance, includes restoring backups in case of emergency
  9. Ask the experts your “How to” questions (no question is too small!)
  10. Take training courses (always based on current software versions)
The Customer Care Support Plan protect your revenue, reputation, and productivity. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our Support Plan. Our experts will help determine the compatibility of your hardware, and advise what may need to be upgraded or replaced to enjoy all the features and benefits that our newest version, SV8, has to offer.