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Automated Stock Ordering – EDI

Digitally send purchase orders and receive stock items with just a few keystrokes and in minutes.

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Automate Your Stock Order

“Time is Money” – Benjamin Franklin.

The more time you spend manually doing backend tasks, the less time you have for growing your business. Imagine, digitally sending purchase orders and receiving stock items with just a few keystrokes and in minutes.


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ACCEO Smart Vendor – Empowering Retailers through Automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange):

Retailer generated PO is automatically sent to the Supplier’s system; the Supplier receives digital PO, fulfills and ships. The retailer automatically receives QTY shipped with any adjustments and confirms the physical quantities received seamlessly.

EDI provides the foundation for automated order processing and inventory management and at the same time improves workflow.

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Benefits of EDI:

  • Automates ordering and receiving
  • Error-free validation
  • Enhance order accuracy & faster confirmation
  • Send and receive orders in real-time
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual entry
  • Cost savings
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Product catalog downloading
  • Increases inventory efficiency
  • Paperless transactions