By admin on February 22, 2018


Some POS systems offer basic, built-in bookkeeping tools. But as your business expands, it is vital to invest in software that actually specializes in accounting. Keeping accurate books and tax information is important at any time, but during periods of growth, it is business-critical.

Benefits of integrating your POS software with your accounting system

1. Save time

Accounting consumes a lot of time and demands a lot of attention. And it takes you away from creating new offerings and growing your retail business—which is what you would rather be doing. The integration of ACCEO Smart Vendor POS software ensures that you spend minimal time balancing the books and reduces billing errors because your creditor information is always up-to-date.

2. Get accurate data

Manually capturing account entries is extremely time-consuming and prone to human error. ACCEO Smart Vendor point-of-sale software creates your general ledger account which optimises efficiency and accuracy. Thus there is less risk of duplicated entries, more regular updates of your financial records, and easier access for your accountant come tax season.

3. Reduce cash-handling risk

When you work with multiple systems or software, you are acutely aware of the risk of duplicating data. Duplicate data can have costly repercussions such as missed payment deadlines and double payments that you may never be able to recover. Furthermore, entering the same information across different platforms takes much longer.

4. Have your finances in order

Your POS software plays a crucial role in collecting and correlating financial data along with your accounting system so that you never fall behind on your tax obligations. ACCEO Smart Vendor records every retail transaction, ensuring that your sales tax is separated automatically and credit amounts are allocated correctly. You’re doing yourself and your accountant a favour by having all of your finances in order and up-to-date.

Looking for an Accounting Solution that integrates with ACCEO Smart Vendor?

Our accounting interface links ACCEO Smart Vendor with your General Ledger, which ultimately cuts hours of manual data entry every week, and lowers the risk of errors. Plus, you can easily transfer information to accounting applications such as ACCEO Acomba, Quickbooks and Sage 50 – Accounting System to monitor outstanding purchases and overdue accounts.