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Support for ACCEO Smart Vendor 7 Ended

After 14 years, support for ACCEO Smart Vendor 7 (SV7) ended June 30, 2017. ACCEO will no longer provide product development or Customer Care Support Plans for SV7. It is very important that customers update to a modern version such as SV8.

What does this mean?

It means current SV7 users should take action and upgrade to SV8 as soon as possible.
Updates are crucial to the security and efficiency of the business.

Potential risks of staying with SV7


New store databases will no longer be built on SV7 moving forward. Chains on SV7 must upgrade to add a new location to Head Office polling.


For stores using Smart Dialer Polling, there will no longer be troubleshooting for ‘Head Office to Store Polling’ provided on SV7.


Modules such as eStore 360, residual value Web Gift Cards, Real Time Points, and Real Time Quantity sharing, can no longer be added to SV7.

How do I upgrade to SV8?

Learn about the benefits to renew your Customer Care Support Plan and update your system to the latest version.

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