6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to SV8

Get your everyday tasks done faster, reduce the number of cash errors, and provide your customers with top-notch service with the most recent version of ACCEO Smart Vendor. Here are 6 reasons why you should upgrade to the newest version, SV8.

      #1 – Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10

      Install ACCEO Smart Vendor 8 which is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Server 2012. As of early 2014, Microsoft stopped supporting their Windows XP and Vista operating systems and has abandoned any security patches that keep the system safe. Those still running outdated operating systems are at risk of a costly data breach or data loss.

      #2 – Penny Rounding

      Take the pressure off your cashiers to “balance to the penny” and let your POS system round cash payments up or down to the nearest five cents. Your cashiers will more easily reconcile the Sales Summary to the correct Cash total at day’s end.

      #3 – Quick Date Changes and Real Time Statistics

      Wait no more for Date Change Consolidation to finish before reopening ACCEO Smart Vendor. Your sales and purchasing statistics and reports are updated live throughout the day by ACCEO Smart Vendor’s enhanced Consolidation.

      #4 – Customizable Quick Pick Menus

      Get rid of all those cheat sheets and sticky notes at the Sales Register station! Create one or more menus for product that do not have UPC codes, or that cannot have a ACCEO Smart Vendor stock label attached to it – ideal for services like shipping, postage, coupons, kits, ECO fees, and your MISC DEPT keys.

      #5 – Improved Year End and Spot Check Inventory

      Verify your inventory on hand more easily with improved Counting functions. Built-in PDF Printer added to the Stock Counting area. Easier configuration and on-screen messages help you avoid resetting quantities to zero at year end when you mean to perform a rollover procedure.

      #6 – Track Customer Consent for Email Marketing

      Ensure you are respecting the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) requirements by sending newsletters only to customers who gave their consent.Tag the new ‘Accepts Marketing’ checkbox on customer profiles, and fill in the Confirm Date you updated this on.

Keeping your ACCEO Smart Vendor POS Software current is an investment in your business by keeping your customer service and business tool up to date. Contact your Account Manager today to take advantage of these features and more!