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Better Manage Your Smoke Shop with ACCEO Smart Vendor

With the continued rapid growth in the electronic cigarettes and vapor product industry, it is critical to have a POS system that makes selling smoking accessories easy, keeps track of inventory, and provides historical data.

Regardless of whether you’re a small, independent shop or a franchisee, we have a tailored retail POS system that is full-featured.

Inventory Control

Thanks to a three-dimensional grid, you can manage product variants and bundle products with ease. Handling inventory and orders across multiple stores and setting low-stock alerts to prompt re-ordering are simple tasks with ACCEO Smart Vendor.

Works Offline and Online

ACCEO Smart Vendor will synchronize your sales and inventory data when your server is back online. And, with our ecommerce module for Shopify, products added into the POS system can easily be made available for purchase to shoppers on your Website.

Employee Management

Keep track of your employees, their fulfillment of orders, and monitor when they log in and out of their shifts. The built-in reporting tool gives you access to important data, such as per cashier’s total sales, average transaction value and number of items sold.

Accounting Integration

Compatible with accounting applications such as ACCEO Acomba, QuickBooks, and Sage 50, the interface links ACCEO Smart Vendor with your General Ledger, which eliminates hours of manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.

Customer Loyalty Program

Quickly and easily access your customer’s purchasing history, and know exactly what e-juice, cigars or tobacco products they previously bought. Plus, customize your loyalty program to encourage repeat business.

Advanced Reporting

Get a quick overview of your sales and inventory data. Drill down to specific products, customers, sales clerks, current vs. previous periods, and capture more opportunities.

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From inventory management to loyalty management, discover all the features you need to keep your smoke and vape store on top.

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Why Choose ACCEO Smart Vendor?

At ACCEO, we take pride on optimizing your business processes, maximizing your productivity, and accelerating your growth.

Our POS experts take the time to properly evaluate your needs, create an appropriate implementation and training plan to tailor the solution to your exact needs, and then install the hardware specifically selected for your store.


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