By admin on August 7, 2017


The ACCEO Smart Vendor team will be at booth 10235, showcasing SV8 of this turnkey and customizable point-of-sale solution for gift shop retailers, from August 13 to 16 at the International Centre and Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto.

Powerful and Efficient Tools

Scalable for retailers going from the small, family-run single shop to the medium-size franchise or retail chain, ACCEO Smart Vendor is designed for ease of use and efficiency. The point-of-sale software streamlines major processes like inventory management, provides quick counting and spot check functions, and generates drill-down reports. All these capabilities are housed in user-friendly interface, making this powerful tool accessible for new and experienced users alike.

Improved Security for Your Business

This newest version is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10. Running solely on Microsoft-supported systems, ACCEO Smart Vendor guards against the security risks associated with using outdated and unsupported operating systems like Windows XP and Vista.

Building Your Client Relationship

Additionally, retailers can build ongoing customer loyalty by using the email marketing features. Smart Vendor lets retailers filter for clients who have consented to receiving mail (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) compliance). This feature makes it easy for retailers to grow their relationship with clients who want to know about new products, promotions, and other store events.

More Benefits for Your Business

During expo hours, the ACCEO Smart Vendor team will be demonstrating SV8 and providing information on available training and support for this new version. The experts at booth 10235 will be on hand to guide you through the major benefits of the ACCEO Smart Vendor POS software solution and discuss how your business can leverage the features included in SV8.