How to carry out a fiscal year-end count with ACCEO Smart Vendor?

  • by Roxane Prince
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  • December 5, 2017
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Most of our clients finalize their year-end processes on December 31, which means that many of you are now preparing for this critical fiscal exercise. The ACCEO Smart Vendor team understands the challenges of year-end counts and wants to ensure that our clients are leveraging all the features and resources linked to their ACCEO Smart Vendor system.

Our goal is to provide valuable information to build on our retail clients’ skills and knowledge about ACCEO Smart Vendor. As such, we are providing you with some essential information and important reminders, to support the success of your year-end operations and procedures.

Where to find procedure instructions?

You will use one of these two options for your year-end procedure with the ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system:

  1. RESET – To perform a full count of your store
  2. ROLLOVER – If the RESET procedure has been performed and your QOH has already been updated prior to year end To download the most current documentation, log in to your account in the Support Centre.

Prepare in advance

Review your documentation now and consult with our Software Support team well in advance of your deadline, to allow them to provide timely support and answers to your questions. We are here to help!


Charge and test your data collectors now

For locations using portable Data Collectors, now is the time to dust them off, charge them up, and test them to make sure that they are effectively communicating with the computer.

Contact the Hardware Support team immediately if the data collector is not showing as connected to the computer in Windows Mobile, or if your Smart Collector application does not appear on the handheld device.

If you need to request replacement batteries, or any other technical assistance before the holiday break, start the enquiry process now to determine a date when your request can be addressed.

What if I have questions before the “Finish” step?

If our offices are closed at the time when you perform your year-end count and you have questions before completing the “Finish” step in your counting procedures:

  • Do: Carry on with your normal sales operations
  • Do: Continue selling on the correct transaction date in ACCEO Smart Vendor
  • Don’t: Receive products at different costs until you have selected “Finish” in the year-end procedure

We will address any questions that arise during your year-end count when our offices reopen. Call volumes to our Support Desk are typically extremely high in early January. Therefore, you may experience a longer than usual wait time for call returns.

What if I need emergency support?

Emergency Support while our offices are closed will be available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Our on-call Emergency Support technicians with provide assistance with:

  • Hardware malfunctions on existing installed equipment provided by ACCEO
  • Software error issues

As always, if your store requires emergency assistance to restore a backup, we will make every effort to support you!