Pet Food Sustainability
By Smart Vendor Editorial Team on July 15, 2021

Pet Food Sustainability and its Impact on Consumer Behavior

Author:  Arhaan Dholkawala

Hundreds of pet stores across the country serve more than 16 million pet cats and dogs living in Canadian households. According to Statista, Canadian consumers are willing to pay more for healthy pet food. Learn more about how to leverage this market trend and consumer behavior in your product portfolio to increase market share in the continuously growing pet care market.

The pet food industry is increasingly competitive as with more and more families owning pets, the demand for stores has gone up. In fact, according to Globe Newswire, “the global pet care industry will reach 358.62 billion dollars by 2027”.

With demand on the rise, it is important to stand out and show why your pet store is the best, and that’s where sustainability comes in. Sustainability is “Meeting the needs of today without compromising on the needs of the future generations.” - McGill University.

In other words, sustainability is just a product that can sustain itself without taking a toll on the environment around it. And sustainability is nowadays becoming a key reason to buy certain products and even pay a premium for them. In addition to the premiums that people pay, sustainability also future-proofs your business, helps our planet, and improves the reputation of your business among the surrounding community.

Sustainability is also not a tough thing to incorporate into your business, as more and more brands are making sustainable products available for the pet food industry. There are many brands offering a wide range of treats - from dog-sized steaks to dog-friendly ribs, and integrating them is as simple as placing an order via the Smart Vendor inventory management system. Sustainability is not one set thing, and only the store owner knows their store best but integrating sustainability into the store, whether it’s one product or a whole aisle, could help out tremendously.