How to Perform a Fiscal Year End?

Is it time to submit your year-end financials? As a retailer, you understand that you will ultimately want a Year End Stock Value at your fiscal year end, but might not be aware of reviewing the integrity of your stock information prior to, and/or at, the fiscal year end date.

There are two possible ways to approach your year end in ACCEO Smart Vendor. One procedure where you will be doing a full count of your store (RESET), and the other where you may have done this in advance and have already updated your QOH prior to year end (ROLLOVER).

To download the most current documentation, log in to your account in the Support Centre.

Remember: It is crucial that you do a physical stock take. A proper inventory count often reveals issues that you never knew existed, such as unknown shrinkage and obsolescence.

The end of year is also a great time to review your hardware and make sure you have the latest version of ACCEO Smart Vendor installed. Our POS experts can help you identify your options, feel free to contact us.