Serialized Inventory

Serialized Inventory

Always be at the top of your game with barcodes: never lose a product or a sale!

Save yourself plenty of valuable time by tracking your products easily with a full serialization module. Barcode your inventory and be sure to always get the big picture.

How it works

  • Track inventory by site, location, serial number, lot or date
  • Update and track data in real-time
  • Order the right products at the right time

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Barcodes: 8 Ways They Improve Inventory Tracking

Adopting barcode technology will help you gain efficiencies and give you an immediate accurate picture of your inventory whenever you need it.

What are some other reasons you should implement inventory management with barcodes?

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Smart Office allows one or more store locations to remain synchronized. Never manually enter inventory items again!

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E-commerce integration

eStore'360, our POS package that integrates with Shopify, makes your transactional website creation, e-commerce sales and inventory management easier.

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