Product list import

Data Importer

An efficient way to maintain your product catalogue.

How do you create and maintain a complete supplier catalogue in your ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system with minimum manual data entry? Our power users know the answer: add on the Smart Data Import module!

UPC barcodes and supplier product numbers on the stock item profile are the keys to creating and updating products in your ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system. Processing a supplier’s quarterly, semi-annual, or annual cost price changes regularly via their provided spreadsheet becomes a manageable task.

Looking to improve your product categorization to obtain more insightful reporting? Optimize your exported stock data and reimport to apply bulk changes to your product list.

Key Features:

  • Over 60 information and pricing fields can be updated via Smart Data Import
  • Prepare a stock list in Excel, with at least the minimal required information, using Excel’s multitude of power filters and formulas to optimize the data
  • Ensure the incoming data has proper UPC barcode numbers or supplier’s item numbers
  • Smart Data Import determines if the product is on file and updates it, or adds it to the stock database

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