Multi-Store Management

Multi-Store Management

Growing from one store to multiple locations? Consolidate all your inventories!

Smart Office is a management module that allows a head office or a warehouse to remain synchronized with and manage one or more store locations. With this specialized application, the inventory is generated at one location and sent to all others.

  • Manage only one inventory
  • Eliminate manual entry of inventory items
  • Prevent store-to-store variations where they are not warranted
  • Maintain programs per store, per region and even per volume group
  • Get detailed reporting and analyses based on each store location or in combination with other stores

Control every store from a single location. Products are created at head office then sent to each store. The whole chain or franchise is totally managed! Purchase orders, transfer from stores, return to suppliers. The head office module will garantee a smooth operation throughout the chain.

  • Ease of use and streamlined processes
    All that is required from employees, is to receive the merchandises and sell it. That’s it! No inventory control is required from them, it’s all done at Head Office. From each store they can verify if a product is available in another store, simply by the click of a button.
  • Effective inventory management
    You will be able to customize each store’s products and general parameters according to its location. Things like selling price, taxes, store politics, personalised messages, and a lot more. Even though the chain is controlled entirely as a whole, each location becomes a unique store.
  • In-depth insights
    ACCEO Smart Vendor gives the ability to quickly identify inventory trends, react to shrinkage problems, and provide historical data all from one location. Over 100 standard reports are made available to you. ACCEO Smart Vendor contains a powerful report generator that allow you to create, name and save your own custom reports quickly and easily.

    You can also export your reports to any database and use them time and time again without the hassle of re-creating them.

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