Gift Cards

Gift Cards Add-on Module

Gain competitive advantage with a gift card program

Let your customers increase your client base for you

The Smart Gift Cards module is integrated with the ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system and allows you to sell and track custom gift cards branded with your logo.

The No Fee Gift Card solution eliminates expensive “per-transaction fee” systems, and the cards are reusable and reloadable.

How it works

When a card is scanned, the system automatically walks the cashier through the gift card sale or redemption process.

You can easily:

  • Load, reload, transfer or deactivate cards easily within the sales transaction
  • Track cards that have not been redeemed
  • Track unused balances

Keep money in your store and increase store traffic!

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Gift Shops

The surprising benefits of gift card programs

There are a number of elements that you must proactively consider when thinking about implementing a gift card program. Before deciding to move ahead, as a smart retailer, you will want to identify the value for your business and your customers.

Does my small or medium-sized retail business need gift cards? Do they really generate more revenue? Will my customers use them? We address these very valid concerns by providing some insights that could lead to some clear and some surprising benefits for your retail business.

Read more about the key benefits of a gift card program

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