Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The right information to make key business decisions.

Get a quick overview of your sales and inventory data in a few clicks with the ACCEO Smart Vendor module Smart Data Import. Access all the information you need to help you stick to your strategic plan and to make better-informed decisions.

How it works

  • Track your KPIs
  • Import your data easily through Excel
  • Spot trends in your business
  • Access your sales and inventory data
  • Compare different periods organized by client, sales person, etc.
  • Analyze information in depth thanks to data mining

NEW! Monitor your retail business performance from anywhere

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Complete Your Solution with These Add-Ons


E-commerce integration

eStore'360, our POS package that integrates with Shopify, makes your transactional website creation, e-commerce sales and inventory management easier.

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Multi-store management

Smart Office allows one or more store locations to remain synchronized. Never manually enter inventory items again!

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Online backup

Online Backup is an automated and secure data backup system that ensures the continuity of your operations in the event of a server failure.

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