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POS System for Pet Stores

Make sure your business never goes to the dogs! Our flexible and adaptable point-of-sale solution answers all your specific retail needs.

Better Manage Your Pet Store with ACCEO Smart Vendor Point-of-Sale

Boasting more than 35 years in the pet store industry, our team of POS systems experts has incorporated all the important features that today’s pet retailer requires.

Perform inventory checks

From household pets to pet food, the ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system will easily track the hundreds of items and categories in your independent pet store’s inventory.

Offer predefined discounts

The ability to create “Buy 10, get one free” promotions to build and increase customer loyalty is an essential feature for pet stores.

Access detailed reports

Get a full picture of your pet store sales, inventory and customers in a few clicks.

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Pet Stores

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From order management to loyalty programs, discover all the features that will help your pet stores get ahead of the pack.

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At ACCEO, we take pride on optimizing your business processes, maximizing your productivity, and accelerating your growth.

Our POS experts take the time to properly evaluate your needs, create an appropriate implementation and training plan to tailor the solution to your exact needs, and then install the hardware specifically selected for your store.


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