Health Food Stores

Health Food Store POS System

Health rhymes with wealth! Our flexible and adaptable point-of-sale solution for health food stores answers all your specific retail needs.

Better Manage Your Health Food Store with ACCEO Smart Vendor POS

Ensure quantity precision and easily track your inventory by scanning items individually or in bulk with an integrated scale. Get detailed reports of your sales, inventory and your sales clerks to make adjustments and boost your store’s performance.

Inventory Management

Set up reminders so you never run low on your store’s top-selling items. Easily identify and record “best before” and expiry dates, on-hand quantities, and more.


Know when to replenish and let our system generate automatic purchase orders. Managing relationships with a variety of suppliers will never be easier.

Promotion Management

Run your own loyalty program and manage customer discounts, special prices, and global discount allocation effortlessly.

Customer Management

Track of your customers preferences and increase repeat business. Identify your best clients and build stronger customer relationships to keep them coming back.

Sell by weight

Sell vitamins and bulk food easily with to our scale interface. Weigh produce and calculate total item price by weight effortlessly with our POS specifically designed for natural health food stores.


Access detailed built-in reports and access all the information you need to run your health and supplement business successfully.

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Optional Modules for Your Business

Keep your business healthy and thriving with a solution suited to your health and supplement stores. Discover all the features that will help you keep ahead of your competition.


Promotion management

Smart Promo is an optional module that enabling you to create promotions that increase repeats business and profits.

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Loyalty rewards program

Smart Points lets you reward your customers with bonus points every time they make a purchase, which they can redeem for store merchandise at any time.

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E-commerce integration

eStore'360, our POS package that integrates with Shopify, makes your transactional website creation, e-commerce sales and inventory management easier.

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Together in Support of the Health Food Industry

At ACCEO, we believe unity is strength. We collaborate with the best partners in the industry so that we can reach new levels of success together.

Pijac Canada

Health First Network

Discover how the newly enhanced ACCEO Smart Vendor POS bridge with Health First Network (HFN) automatically transfers sales and inventory data for retailers on a daily basis. The HFN organization brings together the passion, knowledge and collective power of over 110 independent health & wellness retailers in Canada.

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Why Choose ACCEO Smart Vendor?

At ACCEO, we take pride on optimizing your business processes, maximizing your productivity, and accelerating your growth.

Our POS experts take the time to properly evaluate your needs, create an appropriate implementation and training plan to tailor the solution to your exact needs, and then install the hardware specifically selected for your store.


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