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The gift that keeps on giving: our flexible and adaptable point-of-sale solution for gift shops answers all your specific retail needs.

Better Manage Your Gift Shop with ACCEO Smart Vendor

Whether you are a small, family-run gift shop or a franchisee, we have a specialized retail POS system tailored to your needs.

Speed up your transaction process, conclude any sale in minutes and keep your customers happy by providing faster checkouts.

Inventory Control

Whether you operate a single store or multiple retail stores, ACCEO Smart Vendor gives the ability to quickly identify inventory trends, react to shrinkage problems, and provide historical data all from one location.

Layaways and Special Orders

Letting customers put a purchase aside without having to pay for it in full upfront and being able to sell items that are not normally stocked, or have never been sold before are important features offered to gift shops.

Customized Reports

Generate timely reports that can enhance the performance of your retail business. Access a wide range of detailed reports on your gift shop sales, inventory, and customers, in a few clicks.

Accounting Made Simple

Compatible with accounting applications such as ACCEO Acomba, Quickbooks and Sage 50, the interface links ACCEO Smart Vendor with your General Ledger, which eliminates hours of manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.

Customer Relationship Management

Make your customers feel special every time they visit your store. Tracking your loyal customers and their purchases helps you know what they like and offer discounts and promotions.

POS Ecommerce Integration

With our eCommerce module for Shopify, products added into the POS system can easily be made available to shoppers on your Website, so all your inventory and sales information is centralized in one location.

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Why Choose ACCEO Smart Vendor?

At ACCEO, we take pride on optimizing your business processes, maximizing your productivity, and accelerating your growth.

Our POS experts take the time to properly evaluate your needs, create an appropriate implementation and training plan to tailor the solution to your exact needs, and then install the hardware specifically selected for your store.


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