By admin on December 14, 2016


Whether your store is in Newfoundland, or you are shipping books from another Canadian region into Newfoundland, Retailers will need to update their POS and eCommerce sites to charge the full HST rate on books for Newfoundland sales. The province’s 2016 budget announced this change to Newfoundland’s HST tax rules, effectively raising tax on books from 5% to 15%, where previously some books qualified for PST relief. Newfoundland will become the first province in Canada to remove the PST relief on books, effective January 1, 2017. This rate increase will affect all ACCEO Smart Vendor Retailers directly in Newfoundland, as well as those Retailers in other regions using ACCEO Smart Vendor’s special Taxes By Province feature to automatically apply the correct GST/HST rate for the province being shipped to. Download instructions on how to update your tax configurations in ACCEO Smart Vendor system.