Customized POS features

Get everything you need to grow or expand your retail business: point of sale, inventory management for single and multi-location retailers, detailed reporting, integrated payment processing, customer tracking, and more.

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Take Complete Control of Your Retail Business

Run your store efficiently with advanced and customized POS features without spending a fortune! We take the stress out of running your retail business — fast, flexible, secure.

Process Orders

Process transactions quickly and securely

All transactions are performed on one screen, and this incredibly user friendly POS system requires little training to use.

  • Easily scan products or use programmable hot keys to sell popular items
  • Perform stock searches, price checks, and quantity lookups easily in the sales screen
  • Create and track special orders, layaways, quotations and work orders
  • Choose from several methods of offering promotional pricing
  • Offer predefined discounts
  • Streamline your end of day reconciliation with integrated payment processing

Manage inventory and customers

Handle inventory and orders across multiple stores

  • Setup low-stock alerts and prompt re-ordering
  • Track inventory by an SKUs, UPC, and more
  • Calculate price by using margin, mark-up, or other pricing methods
  • Access inventory items through look-up windows

Keep track of your customers and increase loyalty

  • Search and save purchase history and preferences
  • Group customers for marketing and reporting purposes
  • Reward customers with loyalty and points programs
Sell online & offline

Sell online and offline

ACCEO Smart Vendor lets you provide a seamless e-commerce experience to your customers. Best of all, the eStore’360 add-on module allows you to track both your online and offline sales from one, shared system.

With eStore’360 you share inventory between your online store and your retail store in real-time so your stock is always up to date.

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See How it Works

Ask us all your questions and see how ACCEO Smart Vendor can help keep your retail store on top.

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Extend as you grow

A vast array of compatible add-on modules can be fully customized for your business. You can add any of our specialized add-on modules to your point of sale solution to make your business even more efficient and profitable.

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Generate unlimited reports

Access your reports from anywhere

Over 100 standard reports are available to make key business decision. You can also export your reports to a number of popular formats and use them time and time again without the hassle of re-creating them.

Plus, access your key sales metrics from your Android or IOS mobile phone to get a snapshot of how your retail business is performing, and quickly identify important on-the-go sales trends.

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Simplify your accounting

Our accounting interface links ACCEO Smart Vendor with your General Ledger, which ultimately eliminates hours of manual data entry every week, and reduces the risk of making errors.

Transfer information to accounting applications such as ACCEO Acomba, Quickbooks and Sage 50.

Process Orders

Choose your POS equipment

Complete your ACCEO Smart Vendor POS solution with all necessary equipment and hardware components.

All you need to do is discuss your store’s specific requirements with one of our POS experts!

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Discover the third-party providers that integrate seamlessly with your ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system.


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Integration with Intuit QuickBooks


Integration with Sage

Why Choose ACCEO Smart Vendor?

At ACCEO, we take pride on optimizing your business processes, maximizing your productivity, and accelerating your growth.

Our POS experts take the time to properly evaluate your needs, create an appropriate implementation and training plan to tailor the solution to your exact needs, and then install the hardware specifically selected for your store.


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