By admin on March 20, 2017


Designed at the turn of the century, cash registers were created to provide a convenient place to keep and control cash. And while today’s cash registers supply you with daily sales and department figures, they fail in the following areas:
  • They completely ignore the importance of controlling inventory
  • You have to spend hours manually listing and counting each item in the store to look at your stock levels
  • You have to (correctly!) mark the price one very item so your clerk doesn’t ring in the wrong amount when you sell your merchandise
  • You have to keep a cumbersome set of filing cards to keep track of your customers and their mailing information
  • You do not know what you average customer spends and your profit per customer are.
The reality is this: without a proper control system, it is nearly impossible to become profitable in today’s competitive retail atmosphere. How a point of sale computer system can make you retail store more profitable and save you time? A computerized POS system will provide you with benefits that will save you money, make you money, reduce your labour costs and make your store run more efficiently. The right POS system:
  1. Increases your sales by giving you more time to buy and sell
  2. Provides you with the information needed to make the best business decisions
  3. Tells you more about your customers and their buying habits.
  4. Keeps your current customers coming back by delivering a top-notch customer service.
  5. Manages and controls your inventory.
  6. Manages your markdowns.
  7. Reduces your labour costs by increasing your efficiency.
Be sure that your POS company specializes in providing systems to your type of retail business. Any POS company must first understand your needs… your inventory methods, your customers, your business problems and goals. And they must understand the challenges that small retail businesses like yours face in general. Only a company with experience will know how to solve your problems and help you to grow. Just one phone call should be all that is required! How to choose the right POS system? Buying or replacing a point-of-sale-system (POS) can be a significant source of stress for any retail merchant, regardless of the size of the business. Because the retail world has its share of daily challenges, asking the right questions when acquiring a new IT solution proves essential. When selecting a POS for your business, follow these 6 simple steps and take the worry out of your decision-making process.