By admin on December 6, 2016


Since its founding in 1959, Conair has become a leading manufacturer of national and globally branded personal and health care small appliances. Conair’s philosophy is all about servicing the customer. Whether it’s a local beauty parlor in the 1960s or today’s retailer, the formula stays the same. Conair had periodically run warehouse sales over the years, and recognized the need for automation to better serve the customers. The first event that utilized ACCEO Smart Vendor rather than Cash Registers, was held in 2010. Each year, Conair’s warehouse and office staff, from receptionists, to product planners, marketing, and IT, become instant cashiers for the Conair Consumer Products Warehouse weekend event. This year, looking to further improve the sale experience for both customers and employees, and expedite processing price changes and stock corrections, Conair implemented 30 ACCEO Smart Vendor checkout lanes. Each of the 30 lanes was installed with integrated credit cards through our preferred debit/credit card processor: Chase Paymentech. Conair would have been at risk for cashier errors if dollar amounts had to be input manually into stand-alone payment pin-pads in such a high pressure sales event, where cash lanes were operated by inexperienced point of sale personnel. Cash lanes were staffed by regular Conair employees, who normally perform other functions within the company, and are not experienced with Retail selling or Point-of-Sale procedures. They enjoyed the speed of the registers, the ability to scan UPC barcodes to sell product, the ability to search Model #’s, and perform discounts on the fly as needed. The Conair management team were able to correct selling prices and add new product from an administration station and have the changes available to the cashiers immediately. In short, the choice of using ACCEO Smart Vendor POS Systems has had a positive impact on the customers and employees experience at the event. We wish Conair tremendous success with the Warehouse sales event next year.