Four ways to become more effective using best business practices

As an entrepreneur, performing at your peak is an everyday challenge. How can you be more effective and achieve all your goals? It’s possible by empowering yourself with the right tools, that are also right for your budget. Here are four easy-to-apply tips that will maximize your chances for success. …

10 Mistakes Independent Retailers Make When Adopting a POS System

It’s been said that independent retailers often lag behind their larger competitors when it comes to the adoption of new technology. The investments in time, money, data entry and/or conversion, and staff training are significant. We’ve compiled the most frequent mistakes retailers do when adopting new technology. 10 mistakes to …

Discover our POS package that integrates with Shopify

  • by Roxane Prince
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  • March 08, 2018
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Today’s small and medium size retailers are looking for a POS system that their POS inventory management with their e-commerce. Thanks to the e-Commerce module eStore’360, ACCEO Smart Vendor offers a seamless connection between its business POS software and Shopify. The ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system specific links have been …

Why Do You Need Accounting Software that integrates with your POS?

Some POS systems offer basic, built-in bookkeeping tools. But as your business expands, it is vital to invest in software that actually specializes in accounting. Keeping accurate books and tax information is important at any time, but during periods of growth, it is business-critical. Benefits of integrating your POS software …

Newfoundland and Labrador restores PST Tax relief on Books

  • by Roxane Prince
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  • January 05, 2018
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Whether your store is in Newfoundland or Labrador, or you are shipping books from another Canadian region into Newfoundland or Labrador, Retailers will need to update their POS and eCommerce sites to charge only the GST rate on books sold into these regions. The Newfoundland Labrador government confirmed today that …

Barcodes: 8 Ways They Improve Inventory Tracking

We hear the objections every day: barcoding is expensive, it’s a pain, it’s too much trouble or it’s too confusing to think about. We understand and sympathize… But barcode technology is here to stay and keeps getting better all the time. Here’s our recommendation: embrace the advancement. Adopting barcode technology …