Four tips to turn your New Year’s resolutions into reality

Right around this time, you are probably looking back on everything that your store has accomplished this year and, more importantly, what’s in store for 2019. And every New Year brings on a batch of those inescapable resolutions. You know, that aspirational list that we optimistically draw up in December …

4 reasons to never let your support plan elapse

Top-performing retailers know that a strong business plan includes partnering with a great customer care support provider. By having a support plan that protects the software, hardware and data that keep their stores running smoothly, successful small and medium-sized retailers are able focus on exceeding their customer’s expectations and outdoing …

How to carry out a fiscal year-end count with ACCEO Smart Vendor?

  • by Roxane Prince
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  • November 23, 2018
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  • Product

Most of our clients finalize their year-end processes on December 31, which means that many of you are now preparing for this critical fiscal exercise. The ACCEO Smart Vendor team understands the challenges of year-end counts and wants to ensure that our clients are leveraging all the features and resources …