How to carry out a fiscal year-end count with ACCEO Smart Vendor?

  • by Roxane Prince
  • |
  • December 05, 2017
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  • Product

Most of our clients finalize their year-end processes on December 31, which means that many of you are now preparing for this critical fiscal exercise. The ACCEO Smart Vendor team understands the challenges of year-end counts and wants to ensure that our clients are leveraging all the features and resources …

Barcodes: 8 Ways They Improve Inventory Tracking

We hear the objections every day: barcoding is expensive, it’s a pain, it’s too much trouble or it’s too confusing to think about. We understand and sympathize… But barcode technology is here to stay and keeps getting better all the time. Here’s our recommendation: embrace the advancement. Adopting barcode technology …