By admin on November 8, 2017


Some point of sale systems now gives the ability to email a receipt to your customer instead of just printing it out. While this might seem like a trivial feature it has some unique benefits that you might be overlooking.

What are Digital receipts?

Introduced by Apple in 2005, digital receipts are becoming more prevalent as consumers continue to extend their connectivity with tablets and mobile devices. Digital receipts offer a way for retailers to comply with their customers’ digital lifestyles.

Pros and cons of digital receipts

PROS for your customers

  • For a customer, digital receipts are helpful in retrieving information on the product they bought (e.g. warranties, policies, etc.).
  • Digital receipts provide a hassle-free way for consumers to keep track of their spending habits, verify transactions and prepare for tax season. Digital receipts cannot get lost or does not fade easily as printed receipts.
  • The customer can now choose whether to have a paper or a digital receipt.

PROS for retailers

  • Collects easier your customers email addresses. This means when customers supply their email because they want a digital receipt, you get the chance get their email addresses. In fact, it creates a window of opportunity to connect with customers while they are attentive and still engaged.
  • Digital receipts help retailers get to know their customers better, leading to the ultimate goal of increased customer loyalty.
  • Digital receipts hold a wealth of insight, providing transactional data that allows them to tailor their marketing and promotional efforts toward target markets and specific customer wants.
  • It increases customer loyalty because of the convenience it offers. The use of technology enhances the customer experience by easing the customer transactions.
  • An environmental friendly alternative and hand-free solution

Things to consider

Old habits die hard. Stores are ready to give only digital receipts; on the other hand, not all customers are ready to change their habits. For example, younger people may be used to this technology, but some older folks still have a hard time transitioning to nowadays technology. The customer can give you the wrong email address or your staff can misspell it. To avoid that, you can always make sure that your client checks its mail box on their smartphone to see if they received the receipt. Mistakes (giving wrong email, does not go in the right folder in your email account) When selecting a POS solution, make sure it offers features that will help you track customers’ buying habits and tailor your offering toward target markets and specific customer wants.