By admin on January 18, 2019


A good POS system pays for itself because it is the pivot of business operations. ACCEO Smart Vendor is a point-of-sale software that serves the business-specific needs of garden centres by optimizing retail operations and boosting profits. It also offers all the essential features to manage one or more of your garden centre locations. From the sales counter to the back office, the ACCEO Smart Vendor POS system helps you run and grow your business. Improve operational consistency, save time, reorder easily and make better-informed business decisions, with access to timely and accurate business data. The ACCEO Smart Vendor team has supported garden centres and nurseries for nearly 40 years.

How ACCEO Smart Vendor will benefit your garden centre:

  1. Sell products easily
  2. Create customer special orders
  3. Sell products as hampers, packs, bundles or by weight
  4. Print product labels for plants indoors or outdoors
  5. Run and manage sale promotions – based on various criteria
  6. Manage inventory and follow product performance
  7. Manage frequent buyer and loyalty rewards programs
  8. Track customer transaction and buying history
  9. Generate purchase orders for your suppliers
  10. Manage BOGO: Buy One Get One Free offers
  11. Mix and Match Pricing (buy 6 annuals for the price of 5)
  12. Save time and money with the most popular accounting interfaces
  13. Quick Picks, multiple menus for different cultivars
  14. Link to Shopify to manage e-commerce sales and inventory easily
  15. Save time and reduce errors with integrated payment processing
  16. Print customized receipts with your logo
  17. Track product serial numbers
  18. e-store 360 with in-store pickup
  19. Multilingual description lines
  20. Customer email management

What ACCEO Smart Vendor offers your garden centre:

Integrated Payment

  • Configuration of payment and transaction options
  • Communication of the transaction amount directly from POS to authorization terminal to ensure correct payment (no manual entry)
  • POS supports split tender with integrated and non-integrated payment types
  • Full payment enforced to complete transaction
  • Generation of reports

Digital Signage

  • Advertise in store specials
  • Promote events
  • Announce promotions
  • Show store hours
  • Give the time
  • Display company website

Fault-tolerant offline mode

  • Work in offline mode
  • Operate stations independently of the main server
  • Automate data re-synchronizations
  • Retrieve data from the stations by the server to the main database
  • Maintain databases on each station and on the main server

Digital Receipts and Invoices

  • Simplify the process of delivering receipts to your customers digitally
  • Send a tape-style receipt format or a full-sized invoice format
  • Make sure your digital receipts are delivered to customers
  • Show your environmental awareness
  • Save your customers’ preference to opt-in for future marketing communications

Gift Cards

  • Load, reload, transfer or deactivate cards easily within the sales transaction
  • Track cards that have not been redeemed
  • Track unused balances

Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Control quantity of points issued and redeemed
  • Offer Bonus Points on select items for a limited time
  • Change points structure at any time and to choose many different points groupings
  • Show accumulated points on the receipt
  • Vary points by days of the week to increase traffic on slow days
  • Generate comprehensive reports on the numbers of points issued and redeemed

Data Collector

  • Perform regular spot checks of active products
  • Optimize customer service by scanning the order for the second person in line
  • Improve the accuracy of creating new Gift Registries by accompanying a new Registrant through the store, discussing their needs, scanning products, and capturing the number of units they wish to receive
  • Scan a Smart Vendor stock number barcode or UPC barcode to look up the current price in Smart Vendor and compare the ticketed price with the stock list uploaded from Smart Vendor to the Data Collector
  • Configure UPC barcode trimming to mirror the UPC Trimming settings defined in Smart Vendor’s Station Setup.

Smart Data Import

  • Mass update price lists annually
And there’s so much more that ACCEO Smart Vendor can do for you. Be sure to contact our retail experts to discuss your specific needs.