By admin on December 4, 2018


op-performing retailers know that a strong business plan includes partnering with a great customer care support provider. By having a support plan that protects the software, hardware and data that keep their stores running smoothly, successful small and medium-sized retailers are able focus on exceeding their customer’s expectations and outdoing their competition. With better insights about their customers and competitors, retail notables have secured their position in today’s competitive marketplace by creating a superior customer experience that relies on efficient systems and technology. That consistent quality experience is what these shrewd retailers rise above the competition and what motivates their customers to come back for more. That’s why it’s essential to preserve this competitive edge with an annual customer care support plan that gives your business the ability to keep moving smartly and decisively. A customer support plan that provides expertise, tools, fixes and updates, can help ensure that your customer experience is exceptional, every time. Let’s take a look at four ways your store can benefit from having a comprehensive customer care support plan.

1. Quick and reliable resolutions

Tired of having to resolve technical issues on the fly? Equipped with a strong customer care plan for your store management systems, you can minimize your involvement and turn your technical issues over to a team of specialists who will keep your software and equipment running smoothly and optimally. By letting the technical experts take the lead, you are effectively freeing yourself from a burdensome process that takes you away from your core business and expertise—After all, you’ve got customers to serve!

2. Comprehensive technical support solutions

Access to a top-notch technical support provider gives your retail business a safety net of experts standing by, ready to address your issues when they arise. Customer care support providers have teams of product specialists who can diagnose your issues and find the solutions quickly and efficiently. Because even a little downtime can result in significant costs, 24/7 access to an online support centre can find solutions for your issues around the clock. Troubleshooting assistance is another important level of support to consider when choosing your customer care plan—that includes software, hardware and peripherals, along with after-hours support following a system interruption.

3. Data backup and restore

In the fast-paced retail industry, data backups often end up at the bottom of the to-do list. Customer care support providers can implement plans that offer a regular backup regime. Your business data can be safeguarded by a support plan that includes data backup management and restoration, and regular testing to ensure that restored data is readable, accessible to the applications that you need, and takes place at the correct point in time. Ensuring that your data is stored gives you the peace of mind of knowing that even after a major data loss event, your systems can be restored and your business can quickly and safely resume activities.

4. Stay current with timely software updates

With a comprehensive customer care support plan, your retail business can save time and money because you will get immediate access to new software installations and updates at preferred or no additional costs. Your store management systems will have access to the latest features and functionality throughout the year. By staying current with hardware and technology changes, you can stay ahead of security risks, and keep your focus on revenue-driving store activities. What’s more, keeping up with the latest service packs and hot fixes ensures that your system is optimized, stable and secure—which is a critical component of a quality customer experience.